The hardest thing about getting off the couch is keeping off the couch! I started running a week ago to improve my cardio fitness before embarking on my Insanity Challenge and there are so many times when my thoughts have started with “I can’t” or “I’m not sure” but you know what… I got off that couch for a reason and if I hold on to that and dig deep then I WILL make it through!

My thoughts on beating those thoughts…

  1. Don’t give yourself permission to quit
  2. Have a plan, put it up on the wall where you can see it
  3. Note down your end goals. Make them visual
  4. Exercise to music that makes you want to move
  5. Don’t think about what you have to go through in order to achieve your end goals, especially while exercising, just concentrate on the job at hand
  6. Tell someone about your plan… in fact tell loads of people – no one wants to be a quitter and you’ll be less likely to do so if people you care about know what you want to do
  7. Do your best … your real best! Always be honest with yourself about how committed you are.
  8. Push yourself. There’s always room for improvement.
  9. Measure your progress
  10. Take a holistic approach – change your life and lifestyle. Eat right, sleep right, exercise and have fun

Just don’t give up



About My Primal Corner

I'm just a Mom, doing my bit to raising healthy, happy kids while indulging a passion for food and travel. We follow and Paleo/Primal diet and keep dreaming about actually living the lifestyle.

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