The tree is up, the decorations sorted the School Nativity has been performed, Carols are being played on the radio and at home…It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around our house 🙂 This is by far one of my favourite times of year. Its the one time in winter that I don’t mind being outside in the cold. In fact, I look forward to it because it means that I get to warm up again at some point with some of my favourite things, I get to hear my children laughing a lot and running around like maniacs, enjoying the snow (when it comes) and delights of the holidays. Even the dog gets into the spirit of things… the rest of the time she goes into hibernation!

Christmas Prep 2013

There are so many delights in store for us this December that I am afraid it is going to pass by in a blur but I am certain that it will be memorable none-the-less. There are Christmas Markets to explore and Santa’s to meet; Christmas lunches to overindulge in and Mulled Wine to be drunk; there are winter walks to go on and wreathes to be made and so much more to look forward to that I feel like a big kid all over again!

I am posting a few winter warming recipes that remind me of the flavours of the season but allow me to save up for those indulgent lunches where I definitely wont be counting calories!

Here is my recipe for Apple, Orange and Butternut Soup with Pancetta, Pumpkin Seed and Maple Syrup Topping


Keeping with the warming, simple theme, here is a recipe that can me a side or light main and can be plain or spicy depending on what your preferences are. My kids love this served with a baked potato but I am partial to it on its own. Here is my recipe for Spicy Creamed Corn


And lastly, I am reposting this recipe by for Spiced pumpkin coconut casserole because I love it and it fits the season


Enjoy the lead up to Christmas. Happy holidays everyone



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I'm just a Mom, doing my bit to raising healthy, happy kids while indulging a passion for food and travel. We follow and Paleo/Primal diet and keep dreaming about actually living the lifestyle.

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