To be honest, I was relieved when Phillipa and I settled on the idea of a Neverland Party. I am a little bit over the Disney princesses (it has been 5 years and we have been through most of them :)) and some of the other ideas she had would have challenged me beyond all odds.

The nice thing about a Neverland party is that you can draw on the original J.M. Barrie Story as well as the new Disney Tinkerbell stories and of course, Jake and the Neverland Pirates for inspiration. There are so many characters for the kids to dress up as too which makes it easy for a party with girls and boys. My little fairy was very excited and assumed Tink’s persona for the occasion….

For the decorations, I broke out the Christmas lights… they made for a starry trail through to Neverland. I used other lights to add sparkle to Pixie Hollow where lunch was served. I made a Teepee for the Neverplains thanks to some brilliant instructions by Sew Mama Sew and added a few feathers and a fake tomahawk. I then used a table-cloth and pirate flag along with a skull drawn onto cardboard to create “Skull Rock”. Just to the left you could find Captain Hooks washing hung out on the line to dry. For the neighbouring “Mermaid Cove”, I used blue curtains for a waterfall where a Mermaid’s tail (just made with some shiny fabric and netting) and lei (one P made at another party) were also hung up to dry over the rocks and flamingo’s. I used a beige duvet cover draped over the couch to imitate the “beach” where I left a treasure chest and a telescope guarded by a crocodile…

Food was a picnic affair and the kids got to sample “Clock Pizza” (margarita pizzas with ham to make the clock face), Mermaid Nibbles (fish bites), “Crocodile Crunch” (crudite with dips), “Captain Hooks Pirate Ship and Cannonballs” (watermelon with melon balls and grapes), “Lost Boys Chow” (beetroot crisps with humus), “Captain Hook’s Pirate Treasure” (caramelised popcorn), “Peter Pan’s Swords” (veggie crisps), “Fairy Wands” (chocolate fingers), and Totem Poles (marshmallows, Tootsie rolls and licorice on toothpicks). I made a chocolate cake decorated with coloured mascarpone, crushed biscuits, sugar crystals and icing and chocolate cupcakes decorated with chocolate mascarpone and small fondant icing mini sculptures of things of Neverland.

Party bags were brown paper bags with Peter Pan quotes printed and glued on and then decorated with stickers. I filled them with a candy watch for Captain Hook, Fairy Dust and Fairy Wands for Tink, Chocolate Gold Coins for the pirates, either a wooden star or a wooden gingerbread man to represent the “Second Star” to Neverland and the lost boys (both to be decorated by the kids and can be used as Christmas Tree ornaments later) and then the kids got to choose a book.

I always do so much research first and find so many ideas of things that I want to try for the party. In the end, there are only so many things that you can achieve without going completely mad and so, here are some ideas I found but didn’t have time to execute…

These shimmering fairy wings by Disney would have made lovely decorations and even gifts for the party. Perhaps I will make some for my fairy anyway 🙂

Kids love pinatas and I think they are fun but am always a little nervous about kids swinging a bat at something or that there won’t be enough pull strings on the pull-string kind so I think these DIY Mini pinatas by Ruffled are a brilliant solution (just plan ahead :))

I also thought that this Candy Button Punch Box by Celebrate the Big and Small would be a great party game, perhaps in conjunction with a treasure hunt

All in all, the birthday was a great success and much fun was had by all which is the main thing. I am told this morning that there are only 364 sleeps till my babe turns 7. Imagine that. Mummy needs a little time to recover from this birthday bonanza before even contemplating the next 🙂

Lots of love



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