Ironically, we are moving out of London just in time for the Olympics! Not that I am really phased to be missing out on the conjestion problems and street mayhem, but I guess I am wondering if I will feel like we are missing out on the experience of living in the host city? We are not moving too far though and can easily commute in to London for the day to experience some of the hype which I have no doubt we will do. Other than that, we plan to enjoy all of the events from the comfort of our new home and will be running a mini olympics ourselves. At least the garden will be able to accommodate us so now just fingers crossed for some decent summer sunshine!

Our olympic sporting events will include:

  1. Hoola hooping
  2. Ball toss
  3. Croquet
  4. Running races
  5. “Egg and spoon” races using balloons and tennis racquets
  6. Hill rolling
  7. Water balloon shotput
  8. Hobbyhorse showjumping
  9. Trampolining
  10. Paddling pool synchronised swimming
  11. Swingball marathon

We will be making our own olympic torch and games medals for our events. Domestic Godesque shows us how to imitate the 2012 Olympic Torch here.

Making an Olympic Torch

We will also set up a tracking board so that we can follow the medals tally of our chosen teams participating in the London 2012 Games. I am keeping it simple, just 5 countries (family in all of them) and 3 sports for each country.

I am also using the occasion to talk about foods we need to keep us healthy and give us energy so we will be trying out an athletes menu too 🙂

  1. Balanced meals incorporating all of the food groups
  2. Eating a good variety of foods
  3. Consuming lean protein
  4. Focusing on Complex Carbohydrates
  5. Drinking lots of water

Foods to include: Quinoa, Almond Butter, Leafy Greens, Salmon, Oatmeal, Brown Rice Pasta, Sprouted Grain Bread, Raw Superfoods- Cacao, Hemp and Maca, Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables. Watch this space … 🙂

Really looking forward to the Games now that Wimbledon is over. Time for the next event in this Summer’s awesome sporting lineup! Enjoy…

Lots of love



About My Primal Corner

I'm just a Mom, doing my bit to raising healthy, happy kids while indulging a passion for food and travel. We follow and Paleo/Primal diet and keep dreaming about actually living the lifestyle.

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