Now this is a festival that I love to celebrate with the kids. There are so many fun and creative things to do and the kids always have a great time 🙂 Mardi Gras is a carnival or celebratory period that varies in lengths across countries and cultures, but culminates on the eve of Ash Wednesday. In other words, the last day is Shrove Tuesday!

When I think of Mardi Gras, I think of masks, jewels, feathers, elaborate costumes, gifts, music and dancing. Is there anything there that kids don’t love? Here are some ideas of things that you can make with the kids before you get stuck into pancakes for dinner… Go on, have a party 🙂

Traditional colours for Mardi Gras are Purple, Gold and Green, though no-one will complain if you add the rainbow so just let the kids get on with it and choose what they like.

Image courtesy of fun-learning-spanish.com

Fun Learning Spanish is a great website with loads of information about where the tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras comes from and why certain elements are incorporated at the various festivals around the world.

List of craft materials that you might already have or will find useful for these crafts

  1. Paper (coloured, plain white and patterned)
  2. Glue (stick and washable pva)
  3. Paint (coloured water-based) and brushes
  4. Colouring pens
  5. Feathers
  6. Sequins
  7. Glitter
  8. Stickers
  9. Beads
  10. Wooden lollypop sticks / rods for holding masks
  11. Ribbons
  12. Buttons
  13. Thread

Activity Village (one of my favourite sites) has lots of fun activities and templates for kids crafts, here are a few I have chosen to do with the kids at home.

  1. A game on the computer – Who’s behind the mask?
  2. Mardi Gras colouring pages
  3. Mardi Gras mask templates

Here are some pics of the masks we made last year

A craft idea that I will revisit  for Mardi Gras is dyed macaroni for making “beads” for necklaces. Kids can make their own necklaces or bracelets or hair accessories for dressing up and the beads can also be used for decorating masks as they are so bright and colourful

Dyed pasta beads by ehow

Some table decoration ideas …

A Mardi Gras Table by Oh My Creative

Table decorations by Top Party Ideas

Decorate the room with balloons, masks, colouring in pages and posters that the kids make, macaroni chains and your pancake buffet 🙂 You can also bring a bare branch in from outside (not hard to find at this time of year up in the Northern Hemisphere) or a green one if that’s what you find, put it in a vase or pot and decorate with the macaroni beads and necklaces for another festive decoration. Also, chocolate coins can be scattered around as coins are another traditional Mardi Gras gift.

If you want to celebrate as if you are in New Orleans, then check out Food Network for some delicious Mardi Gras recipes, like Jambalaya, Gumbo, Sweet Beignets, Traditional Crepes and Pancakes and of course, the King Cake.

King Cake by Food Network

So much to do in an afternoon that you can spread it over a few days and really build up to a party, street or otherwise

Enjoy x


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I'm just a Mom, doing my bit to raising healthy, happy kids while indulging a passion for food and travel. We follow and Paleo/Primal diet and keep dreaming about actually living the lifestyle.

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